India Today Conclave 2014 : Arvind Kejriwal – making government work (full)

By on March 14, 2014

Somnath Bharti’s Reply to Allegation put on him by Rahul Kanwal during Questioning with AK in the India Today Conclave of 2014
Those of you who does not knw the back story watch the VIDEO and Question of Rahul Kanwal at 01:02:00

PAID & Blind Media kch bhi kar lo ek baat to accept kar he lo TRUTH cannot be defeated and no longer be framed to make it a lie…

India Today Conclave 2014 : Arvind Kejriwal – making government work (full)
Arvind Kejriwal at India Today Conclave – Day 1 on 7th March 2014


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  1. hemen parekh

    March 15, 2014 at 12:18 pm

    Ides of March ?

    In ancient Roman calendar , 15 March is called , ” Ides of March ”
    A few days earlier in 44 BC , a seer had warned Julius Caesar to ” Beware of the Ides of March ”
    On that day , on his way to Senate , Caesar joked to the Seer ,
    ” Ides of March have come ”
    Seer replied ,
    ” Aye , Caesar , but not gone ”
    Once inside the Senate , Caesar was assassinated !
    Caesar paid the price for ignoring the warning !

    Thankfully , 2000 years later , there are no physical assassinations
    But , what about political ” harakiri ” ? Self – inflicted wounds ?
    Entirely possible , when ego combines with anger – a deadly cocktail !

    Why else should Arvind Kejriwal threaten ALL media by saying ,
    ” Media are corrupt . They are bribed by political parties and businessmen to air PAID NEWS
    If we come to power , we will investigate and send ALL of them to jail ”

    Of Course , we understand the anger , the enthusiasm , the frustration with the present political system and can forgive AAP leaders for the following :

    > a few hundred people were inconvenienced when Arvind travelled by
    rickshaw / local train in Mumbai

    > some AAP workers misbehaved in their enthusiasm to show their
    support to Arvind’s crusade

    > AAP organizers did not apply for the necessary police permissions
    sufficiently in advance

    We can also concede that media will place before the public , not the real / total / unblemished picture – but its ” tainted ” version , dependent upon that media’s political leanings

    Eg :

    How many TV anchors thought it fit to place Nitish Kumar ( CM – Bihar ) in the witness box , when he brought the entire state to a grinding halt , a few days back ?

    Or when those election rallies of Narendra Modi / Rahul Gandhi disrupt millions of lives ?

    Sure , Arvind is given to hyperbole and we could have brushed aside if he were to say ,
    ” In my perception ,- and I have no proof – , some TV channels are being financed by some people / parties , to tell white lies and to malign AAP
    If we come to power , we would investigate such nexus , if any , and try to make media , truly independent of such undesirable influences ”

    But he allowed his ego to overtake his genuine / well-placed anger !


    It is still not too late to be warned
    The Ides of March is here !

    * hemen parekh ( 15 March 2014 / Mumbai )


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