Manipulated video by bjp IT cell after Resigning as Delhi CM Kejriwal

By on March 10, 2014

Dear all, one more clarification
1. Upto 18 sec AK is talking about interview(which is over).
2. After 18 sec AK is telling which will be asked(Interview is going to start)
2.After 41 sec AK is instructing how to present the interview (which is over)
there_is_sudden_change_at 41 sec.screen open book to closed!!

Lot of people are circulating this video to show that there is a nexus between AAP and Media so I thought to analyze this video in detail.

I saw this video multiple times before coming to any conclusion:

The video is broken and not in continuity. When you show bits and parts of a video message, you can always present it in wrong context. The video also has some edited audio. The audio doesn’t match the lip movement after ’0.41 min’. Curtain / book are not consistent throughout the video. when you are interviewing any big personality, you will definitely try to talk to him and explain him about the subject and context. So there is nothing wrong when Prasun Bajpai is talking to AK ( 0.18 to 0.40). Prasun Bajpai is talking about 80% people who vote. He is not referring to any religion or caste when referring to vote bank. In the beginning of interview, AK is just trying to clarify what he said during interview so that they both are on same page. He is NOT telling Prasun Bajpai to modify anything. he is telling Prasun not to depict him as anti-corporate which AAP is not.Unlike Modi/RG, AK has participated in hundreds of live debates and interviews. He doesn’t need any scripted interview to improve his image. How many personal interviews Modi/RG has given ? Forget about scripted or Non-Scripted.

This is a normal conversation between a host and interviewee. Not sure what was really ‘exposed’ here. So I would request BJP supports to do some good work instead of circulating the doctored videos.


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  1. p. srinivas

    March 15, 2014 at 1:52 am

    I think you are big blind supporter of AK. What about delhi law minister? it is also fabricated???


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