The Dumb Dumb Narendra Modi claims Kejriwal has given Kashmir to Pak based on AAP’s Donation Map

By on March 29, 2014

After Arvind Kejriwal announced his decision on 25 March, 2014, to take Narendra Modi head-on by contesting against him in Varanasi, Modi has been forced to take a pot-shot at Kejriwal.

Addressing a rally at Hiranagar near Jammu, Modi said:

Pakistan has 3 AKs – one is AK-47, another is AK Anthony our Defence Minister. He says in Parliament the people who came and beheaded our soldiers were wearing Pak Army uniforms.

And the third AK is AK49 – he has just spawned a party and on his party’s official website – he had given away Jammu & Kashmir to Pakistan. And one of his associates says there should be a referendum in Kashmir. They are speaking Pakistan’s language.


The AK-49 comment was aimed at Arvind Kejriwal, 49 being the number of days he was the Chief Minister of Delhi. One would have thought that Narendra Modi would actually address some of the questions Kejriwal has raised against Modi in the recent past including the 16 questions submitted by Kejriwal to Modi. Instead, Modi resorted to his usual cheap barbs bereft of all intellect. According to Modi, his bhakts, and some biased media houses, Kejriwal has given away Kashmir to Pakistan, since a website called (and NOT shows a map which shows Kashmir in Pakistan.


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