Breaking: Bukhari brother declared his support for AAP

By on April 6, 2014

A day after Syed Ahmed Bukhari, the Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, declared his support for Congress in Lok Sabha elections, his younger brother said he would rather vote for AAP in Delhi.

Yahya Bukhari, who has been overtly critical of the Shahi Imam’s decision to support Congress, is in favour of giving AAP a chance. “I won’t issue an appeal as I am not a leader. But as a voter, I feel that AAP is a better option than Congress or BJP in Delhi. People in other states should look for similar alternatives,” he said.

Yahya’s open endorsement of AAP comes at a time when several surveys and reports are suggesting a drift of the minority votes from Congress. Sonia Gandhi’s meeting with the Shahi Imam early this week, where she exhorted the religious head to prevent division of secular votes, was seen as the party’s last-ditch effort to holding onto its traditional vote bank.

“Whatever happened under Narendra Modi’s rule in Gujarat 12 years ago against Muslims is known to one and all. But, Congress is 10 times worse. The number of Muslims killed by Congress is more than any other party,” said Yahya Bukhari. He said BJP has always attacked Muslims from the front but Congress has always backstabbed them.

Asked to comment on the Shahi Imam’s declaration of support to Congress, he said “I have said earlier that I oppose and condemn it.”

Yahya also raised questions over the meeting between his elder brother and Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday.

“Why was the decision taken behind closed doors?” he asked. “Why was this press conference done by the Shahi Imam and why did he not appear at a joint press conference with Sonia Gandhi?” He also alleged that Congress party has had a secret deal with the Shahi Imam. “I will reveal the details of the imam’s meeting with the senior Congress leader and the bait used to lure him into supporting the party at an opportune time,” he warned.

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