Breaking: Ink thrown at Yogendra Yadav at AAP’s rally in Delhi

By on March 8, 2014

A man threw ink at AAP leader Yogendra Yadav on Saturday at a rally at Jantar Mantar in Delhi.


A man appeared on the stage where Yogendra Yadav was addressing a rally, shouted slogans and smeared ink on his face.

“I don’t know who he was. Someone came from behind, shouted ‘jai mata di’ and smeared ink on my face,” Yogendra Yadav said.

“I did not see the attacker’s face. I do not know what were his intentions,” Yogendra Yadav added. The AAP leader also said that he was not embarrassed by this incident.

The attacker has been taken to Parliament Street police station for questioning.

A few days back, a man threw black ink at Sahara chief Subrata Roy while he was being produced in the Supreme Court.

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