Adarsh Scam

By on April 1, 2014

The former Maharashtra Chief Minister, Ashok Chavan, who is the Congress candidate for Nanded, has thanked the party and its leadership for “reposing confidence in me.”



Speaking to The Hindu from Nanded, Mr. Chavan, an accused in the Adarsh scam case, said: “Nanded is very important for the party, and I am confident we will win it. It has been a Congress bastion from the days of my father S.B. Chavan, and I am confident it will add to the Congress’s tally.”


Asked whether the scam would affect his campaign, Mr. Chavan said: “Adarsh was never an issue for the people of Nanded. The Congress has won every single local election here. The Adarsh issue is irrelevant. It was only made an issue by the media and my political opponents. I have had to suffer for the last four years. I am confident the people of Nanded will elect me.”

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