Shocking: Kutch district is in Pakistan: Gujarat BJP Minister Mr. Vasanbhai Ahir

By on March 29, 2014

Ahmedbad: Vasan Ahir, cottage industries minister of Gujarat did a major good-up at an election meeting in Bhuj on Friday when  he described Kutch as part of Pakistan.

Ahir said: “Till now, our chief minister has showered his unbounded love on Kutch..our chief minister visited Kutch 87 times, and now we should expect that Hon’ble Narendra Bhai should come to the district to address a meeting.

“The workers of youth forum of Kutch should demand that Modiji should take care of Hindustan and we will take care of Kutch district in Pakistan.. We will send the lotus flower to Delhi by winning with a margin of 1.25 lakh votes”.

The local leaders of Aam Aadmi Party has objected to Ahir’s remark saying that while Modi had castigated their party over showing Kashmir as part of Pakistan, his minister was speaking about Kutch as part of Pakistan.


In this video Narendra Modi’s minister Mr. Vasanbhai Ahir is addressing public and saying “The hard workers of Kutch BJP should say Narendra bhai you take care of Hindustan we are here to take care Kutch district of Pakistan”


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