Government is not short of money, it’s just short of intent – Arvind Kejriwal

By on March 5, 2014

Facebook users engaged in a live discussion on Tuesday with Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal and posed questions directly to him through the launch of an initiative, ‘Facebook Talks Live’, by the social networking website.

It is estimated that over 93 million people in India are engaged actively every month on Facebook.

“We have always been focused on making sure that we give people the power to share, and to make the world more open and connected. This and the opportunity to engage actively and regularly with constituents have led campaign teams and leaders to use the medium, making Facebook a core part of the political infrastructure in the country,” Das said.

Highlights of what Kejriwal said:

•   I can’t solve your problems, I have always said we need to unite to solve our problems.

•   I know I’ve changed my decisions often but I have always shared the reasons behind it.

•   I’m not sure if I will contest Lok Sabha elections.

•   Our dream is of a corruption free nation.

•   We don’t have a road map for the party, we have a road map for the nation.

•   Aam Aadmi Party is not important, people of the country have to unite to save the nation.

•   My respect for Anna ji will never decrease, we can have a difference of opinion.

•   It’s our bad luck that Anna supports Mamata’s politics and not ours.

•   I didn’t make Anna ji the star, Anna is the star.

•   No I won’t back Mamata Banerjee because Anna supports her.

•   Prashant Bhushan’s view on referendum in Kashmir was his personal one and he doesn’t subscribe to that anymore.

•   We need to win the hearts and minds of people in Kashmir.

•   Army should not be kept at once place for too long.

•   We need to ensure certainty and swiftness of punishment in cases of corruption as well.

•   We need to ensure speed and certainty of punishment.

•   More than just a fund we need much more for women security.

•   We are strongly against contractual labour.

•   If proper educational institutes are set up they can be helped: Kejriwal on the issue of reservation.

•   There are many out there who don’t know that a thing such as reservation exists.

•   Evidence shows that reservation has benefitted those from minority communities.

•   I support reservation but it’s not enough. Education is important.

•   I want to make it clear that I’m a small man, I have no power. It’s our volunteers that are our strength.

•   We talked on a variety of issues during our time in power, but corruption remains a big issue.

•   We need to improve government hospitals because poverty is a major issue in the country.

•   The government is not short of money. It’s just short of intent.

•   Two big issues for us are education and health.

•   Today, in this country inflation and corruption are a bring problem for the people.

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