Check out the AAP strategy for West Bengal and Tamil Nadu

By on March 3, 2014

According to Sanjoy Basu, West Bengal convener AAP, chit fund scam, price rise and women safety is main issue in West Bengal.


As AAP scripted a surprise victory in the Delhi assembly elections, the queues at its offices all over the country grew longer. The rush to become a member of the party came not only from the common man but also a number of prominent personalities. “We have not been able to handle the huge rush that we have been witnessing from different parts of the country. Frankly we did not expect such a rush” Pankaj Gupta, national secretarty AAP said.


Erratic power cuts, illegal mining and killing of Tamil Fishermen by Sri Lankan army is main agenda in Tamil Nadu, says Christina Samy, Tamil Nadu convener, AAP.

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