Think before you Vote this time.

By on March 26, 2014

Track by “Street Academics” Hip Hop Crew.

Dont’t Believe the hype,
coz the truth is not that much alike
land of the parasites
roasted chicken flies
hypocrites damn right ! this system lies
where your wisdom lies ?

Yesterday i was wise and i tried to
change the world

Today, I am on my own
and i wanna change myself.

Stars & Stripes Disguised & Misguided All of
Y’all brighter minds
blue red & white of that siren lights
prostitutes of paid education is the phase one
Pawns of the new world, Slaves of the corporate masons,

Do ma people know ?
How rotten politicians
robbing off my nation
They testing our patience.

The power that we hold
can overthrow corruption
a true holy mission
a common man’s vision

Aam Aadmi, Hum He Aam Aadmi …..

Time to caste a vote
“jhāṛū” (broom) we be raising
sweeping over nation;
Wait for Celebration.

Time for a change
to break our chains
dawn of a new

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