So is Narendra Modi a CIA Agent?

By on March 30, 2014

NAGPUR: BJP’s new Dalit face Udit Raj had a difficult time on Sunday answering media queries why it was ok for Gujarat government taking money from US-based Ford Foundation but not for Kejriwal’s NGO. Raj and BJP have claimed Ford Foundation is a front of US government’s intelligence agency CIA and targeted AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal over the fact that his NGO Kabir received funding from the Foundation.


Raj was in the city to campaign for BJP candidate Nitin Gadkari. Raj himself is contesting from Delhi north-west seat. Initially Raj, who has recently joined BJP, claimed he was not aware of Gujarat government and Ford Foundation link but when provided with the details he said there was nothing wrong if government took it but NGOs should not take it. He claimed if NGOs took money they would destabilize the country but a state government would not do so.


While Kejriwal’s link with Ford Foundation were brought to fore by BJP, it later came to light that Gujarat government led by Narendra Modi too was a beneficiary. As per Foundation report, GEER Foundation, a Gujarat government agency, received $1,22,000 in 2002. The chief minister of Gujarat is ex-officio chairman of the Foundation. Another agency Gujarat Institute of Development Research (GIDR), whose financial advisor is Gujarat’s education department, received $197,759, the same year.


Download and check the page 40 of this official report:-

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