Rahul questions BJP’s plan on development in states

By on March 20, 2014

Wangjing (Manipur) : Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi Wednesday questioned the BJP’s plan to impose the Gujarat model of development on all states. He asserted the best model for each state was one that reflected people’s aspirations.
“The opposition talks about the Gujarat model everywhere. What has it got to do with Manipur or Uttar Pradesh or Meghalaya? The only model that should work in Manipur is the Manipur model, not the Gujarat model,” Gandhi told a massive public rally here.
He said the Congress party respected everybody, irrespective of their religion or the place they came from.

“We don’t want to impose anything on Manipur. We are proud of the language and culture of Manipur as we are proud of all others,” Gandhi said, according to a release here.

“India is garden of flowers; big, small, different colours. We respect each of these flowers. Our opposition wants only one kind,” Gandhi said.

“Hospitals with 100 beds have been built in five districts, and sports complexes were being built in every district of the state, home to Olympian boxer Mary Kom,” he added.

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