Narendra Modi loses the first ever Twitter battle with Arvind Kejriwal

By on March 27, 2014

Narendra Modi has been defeated at his own game. Yesterday, Modi, the man who is claimed to be the most popular Indian political leader on social media, unknowingly got into a Twitter duel with Arvind Kejriwal and ended up on the losing end. After his Delhi rally, Modi sent out a tweet bringing up the rather lame subject of ‘Congress A’ team and ‘Congress B’ team.


Soon after Modi sent out the Congress-A-Congress-B-team tweet, Arvind Kejriwal responded to Modi’s tweet with the following tweet:


It so happened that Kejriwal’s reply to Modi became much more popular than Modi’s original tweet. At the time of writing, Kejriwal’s tweet had 62% more Retweets and 96% more Favorites than Modi’s tweet. This, despite Modi (3.61 mil) having more than twice the number of followers than Kejriwal (1.55 mil) has on Twitter. But, one would wonder why? How come the ‘most popular Indian politician’ on social media did not live upto his reputation?


Narendra Modi forgets that people are not dumb. He might have collected some lumpen elements who applaud his political chicanery, but at end of the day, all the lies and deception come back to bite you.



The second reason why Modi’s tweet did not get the wings that Kejriwal’s tweet did is purely the number of fake followers Narendra Modi has collected. Recently (February 20, 2014), we did a study of Narendra Modi’s followers vs Arvind Kejriwal’s followers using our in-house tool called twfollowers (Source code available here). Essentially we downloaded the entire list of followers of both Kejriwal and Modi and analyzed them. Since we analyzed the entire list of followers, the numbers are accurate.


The first two tables compare followers of both Modi and Kejriwal in terms of (1) how many followers have no followers themselves, (2) how many followers have never tweeted, (3) have many followers have never changed the default egg-shaped profile image and a combination of the 3 factors. The percentages given in brackets are the real indicators of fake followers, and higher the percentages, more the fake followers.

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  1. Ajay Munot

    March 27, 2014 at 7:08 pm

    Modi will loose each time he fights Honesty = AAP.

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