Breaking: Trouble for corrupt DJB officials starts as Arvind Kejriwal looks into alleged scams

By on January 25, 2014

Bad News for corrupt DJB officials. There is trouble brewing for corrupt Delhi Jal Board officials with chief minister Arvind Kejriwal personally looking into the alleged scams reported over the past few years.

Sources say six issues are under consideration at the CM office, including the public-private partnership projects at Malviya Nagar, Nangloi and Vasant Vihar/Mehrauli, acquisition of water meters, issuing tenders for operation and maintenance at Bhagirathi water treatment plant and operation of the new stainless steel tankers. Read Latest news of Aam Aadmi Party Here.

“The chief minister is also the chairperson of DJB. He was familiar with the issues before he became the chief minister and has studied the files. These six projects are responsible for Rs 10,000-crore scam and could implicate former chief minister Sheila Dikshit as she had been appraised about the irregularities,” alleged a source.

In the PPP cases, sources said there were major irregularities in awarding of work.

DJB is paying the private companies much more than it costs DJB itself to treat and supply water. For instance, it is paying Degremont Rs 10 per kilolitre at Malviya Nagar, Rs 15 per kl to Veolia at Nangloi and Rs 7 to SPML for the Vasant Vihar/Mehrauli project. It costs DJB Rs 6.54 per kl to treat and supply water which also includes electricity charges,” said a source.

DJB is also reportedly paying 7-8 times more to operators of the new stainless steel tankers for water distribution than it pays to operators of the older tankers. Sources said that there was no justification for the exorbitant rates especially since the new tankers were meant to increase efficiency and lead to preservation of water. All Breaking news of AAP can be read here.

“The rehabilitation work at Bhagirathi has also been carried out without tenders. The new water meters have been bought at escalated rates. The water utility has failed to give any justification for the ad hoc rates. The CM is waiting for officials in the anti-corruption branch to change, for which he has also written to the LG. Once that happens, several senior DJB members will be in trouble,” said a government source.

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