AAP is ready to perform – Arvind Kejriwal

By on December 25, 2013

With regards government formation in Delhi, we want reiterate few things below. Please watch and share the video below. (available in 5 languages)

1. It is only outside support, not an alliance, which means that it will be AAP Government, AAP agenda/manifesto that will be implemented.

2. Decision is based on overwhelming wish of people of Delhi that AAP should form government

3. AAP will not make any compromises and pursue its agenda of anti-corruption. AAP plans to pass Delhi Lokayukta bill in first 2 weeks of Jan and go after the corrupt.

4. AAP fully intends to deliver on the 18 point agenda that brings power back to the people and addresses their needs

5. If Congress withdraws its support and the government falls, then AAP will go back to the people. AAP will not make compromises with the Congress just to stay in the government.



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