Woman turned away by hospital delivers at home

By on April 3, 2014
AHMEDABAD: The state government may be advocating (through the Chiranjeevi scheme) institutionalization for deliveries but a woman in the city had to deliver her first child at home after being turned away thrice by Shardaben Hospital in Saraspur. Doctors of the hospital were of the opinion that it was not yet time for the child to be delivered!

Rinku Bhavesh Chanchu, 21, pregnant with her first child, felt the first contractions at around 11 am on Tuesday. She had a harrowing time as she went to Shardaben Hospital where she was told that her child was due on April 19.

She returned home but again experienced contraction pains. She was taken to the labour department of the hospital at around 3 pm. “Doctors said that there was no chance the child would be delivered soon. They said that she could stay at the hospital but it would be better if she rested at home,” said Rinku’s father, Digambar Marathi. Rinku went back to her home once again.

She was, however, experiencing persistent pain and was again taken to the hospital at around 7 pm in the evening. The irritated doctors said that there was time for the child to be delivered and that she should go home.

At around 3:30 am on Wednesday, Rinku suffered severe contractions. An elderly woman, whom people of the locality affectionately call ‘Dadi’, came to Rinku’s help and the child was delivered. The 108 emergency service was called and mother and child were taken to Shardaben Hospital.

The two doctors on duty were sleeping. On being woken up, they started scolding the patient’s relatives for unnecessarily creating a ruckus. The doctors were told that the child had been delivered and that they should at least admit Rinku now.

The doctors later apologized but not before the matter had gone to the superintendent’s office as a case of medical negligence.

“The due date for delivery was April 19. There were no signs of delivery taking place anytime soon. Hence the woman was asked to go home. We had advised the family not to allow the woman to travel in an auto-rickshaw. Premature deliveries happen and the child was delivered before time. I have asked the head of the department to enquire into the matter and submit a report. Action will be taken if the doctors are found guilty of negligence,” said hospital superintendent, Dr R G Surela.

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