Breaking: Arvind Kejriwal to address rally in Narendra Modi-led Gujarat at 2 PM

By on March 8, 2014

A day after Arvind Kejriwal’s bid to gatecrash Narendra Modi in Gandhinagar failed, the Aam Aadmi Party chief plans to take on the BJP’s PM candidate on his home turf by holding a rally in Ahmedabad today.

Mr Kejriwal has also planned a roadshow to the rally venue, for which the permission has not been given yet.

Mr Kejriwal has spent the last three days touring Gujarat to audit Mr Modi’s governance. Yesterday, he dropped in to meet Mr Modi, who is also the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, with a list of 16 questions that challenge his claims of development of Gujarat on his watch.

Mr Kejriwal’s road-show in Gujarat has been steeped in controversy. The Election Commission says he violated the code of conduct by not seeking prior police permission for his procession through the state; his car and that of Mr Sisodia were attacked; and his brief detention at a police station resulted in street battles between workers of his party and the BJP in Delhi and Lucknow.

AAP is trying hard to emerge as the alternative to the Congress and the BJP in Gujarat. AAP says that if Mr Modi runs for Parliament from anywhere outside Gujarat, Mr Kejriwal is likely to stand against him.


The politician-turned activist also took pot shots at the BJP strongman alleging that Saurabh Patel has been made a minister by Modi. “By giving Patel like gas, petroleum, energy and minerals, in a way you allocated Gujarat’s natural resources to Ambanis,” Kejriwal alleged.

He also said that there is an acute problem of unemployment in Gujarat.

He also raised questions on the issue of corrupt ministers being included in the Modi government. Naming Babu Bokhiria and Purshottam Solanki, the AAP leader questioned Modi on giving Cabinet berths to minister, who have been convicted in mining scam and fisheries scam respectively.

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  1. hemen parekh

    March 8, 2014 at 11:36 am

    Arvind’s Unfair Questions ?

    Since he could not ask Narendra Modi these questions in person , I believe Arvind has sent these to NaMo by courier

    I just overheard NaMo dictating a reply to his secretary , which went somewhat like this :

    Q 1… When will you raise KG Basin gas price to $ 16 ?
    A 1… Not immediately

    Q 2… You are buying solar energy at high prices
    A 2…. Sunlight is expensive in Gujarat

    Q 3…. How do you claim Agri growth rate is 11 % ?
    A 3…. Gujaratis maintain duplicate books of account , where 1+1=11

    Q 4…. Will you shut down all small industries in the country and handover
    to select business houses ?
    A 4…. Even Ambani / Adani empires are a mere 1 % in size of big World
    Corporations . Who says they are big ?

    Q 5…. How do you claim there is no corruption in Gujarat ? People are
    talking otherwise !
    A 5… Kuchh to log kahenge / Logo ka kaam hain kahena !

    Q 6…. Couldn’t you find 2 honest persons for your ministry among 6 crore
    Gujaratis ?
    A 6… Yes , we found Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel
    But they are unwilling to join !

    Q 7… Comment on your relationship with Mukesh Ambani
    A 7…. In politics , there are neither permanent friends nor permanent
    enemies. Only permanent interests

    Q 8… How do you claim there is no unemployment in Gujarat ?
    A 8… Even an ” Employed ” Gujarati is always doing some personal ” part
    time ” business on the sideline . And all , so-called ” Unemployed ”
    Gujaratis are ” self-employed ” ! Ha ! Ha !

    Q 9… Can an educated , self-respecting person survive on Rs 5,300 ?
    A 9… Of course , he can
    Aren’t you surviving without ANY salary for past 3 / 4 years ?
    People say , despite being ” Self respecting ” , you are ” thriving ” !

    Q 10… With such an education system , how can country progress ?
    A 10… All Gujaratis are ” self educated ” at home . Why go to school ?
    Remember , what eminent philosopher / mathematician Alfred
    Whitehead , wrote in his seminal book , ” Aims of Education ” ?
    ” Only education worth its name is Self – Education ”

    Q 11… Under such circumstances , why are you making claims of providing
    good health services in Gujarat ?
    A 11…. If we were not , why would doctors from around the World , call
    our Anand , the ” Surrogate Capital of the World ” ?
    Our medical services are so good that Medical Tourism is booming !

    Q 12… In the last few years , 800 farmers have committed suicide in
    Gujarat and you have stopped all subsidies to farmers
    A 12… Suicide – rate amongst Gujarati Farmers is no worse than these
    rates amongst Gujarati Dowery-Brides , Gujarati Jobless , Gujarati
    Labour , Gujarati Minorities etc , which are , in turn , on par with
    similar rates in other states .

    Q 13… When you are not even giving power connections to farmers , then
    why are you making hollow claims on providing electricity ?
    A 13… So what is the big deal ?
    Haven’t we given to all of them ” Internet ” connections to watch
    my holographic 3-D projections online ? Don’t make a mountain
    out of a mole-hill !

    Q 14… You have snatched away farmers’ lands and given to industrialists
    at cheap rates
    A 14… Bullshit ! Farmers who sold their lands to TATA-NANO in Sanand ,
    are all driving around in MERCs and AUDIs !

    Q 15…. No water for Kutch . Why this discrimination ?
    A 15… If there is plenty of water in Kutch , Pak Terrorists will infiltrate it
    everyday ! Surely you know that across the Kutch border in Sind -
    Pakistan , there is no water . Humm ! A business opportunity !

    Q 16… Land of Sikhs in Gujarat . Why not take back your court case ?
    A 16…. How can I get a ” clean cheat ” unless and until , Supreme Court
    appoints a SIT ?


    Fill free to air this ” Scoop of the Week ” in your ” Big Debate ” etc
    I am sure Jai Narayan Vyas and Gopal Rai would happy to answer
    And , in person , too !

    * hemen parekh ( 08 March 2014 / Mumbai )

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