3 “AKs” helping Pakistan, says Narendra Modi targeting Arvind Kejriwal

By on March 26, 2014

Hiranagar, J&K: In Varanasi yesterday, Arvind Kejriwal declared himself as a challenger to Narendra Modi’s quest to enter the Lok Sabha from the holy city. Today, addressing a rally at Hiranagar near Jammu, the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate attacked his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) opponent for “spawning” a party which has already handed over Jammu and Kashmir to Pakistan.

The BJP leader bracketed Mr Kejriwal among the “3 AKs” in Pakistan’s possession, the other two being AK-47 and Defence Minister AK Antony.  “The third AK is AK 49 – he has just spawned a party and on his party’s official website – he had given away Jammu & Kashmir to Pakistan. And one of his associates says there should be a referendum in Kashmir. They are speaking Pakistan’s language,” Mr Modi told the rally. (Watch video here)


This is the first time that the BJP’s putative prime minister has openly targeted the AAP leader, indicating a reappraisal of his assessment from the challenge posed by the rookie party. In November, in a public meeting held in Seemapuri in the capital, Mr Modi had launched a veiled criticism of Mr Kejriwal, cautioning the voters against those who had “backstabbed” Anna Hazare.


Mr Kejriwal’s party has, since then, come a long way. It stunned everyone by pulling off a spectacular performance in Delhi, where it emerged as the second largest party, and forming a short-lived government. It has now scaled-up its ambition, and has decided to put up 400-450 candidates for next month’s Lok Sabha polls.

Speaking in Hiranagar, Mr Modi invoked the legacy of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee for improving the situation in the northern state. “Vajpayeeji had shown us a three-pronged way of taking Kashmir forward – insaniyat (humanity), jamhooriyat (democracy), and Kashmiriyat.  We must follow that path,” Mr Modi pointed out.


The BJP leader is scheduled to address two more election rallies at Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh and at Seelampur in Delhi later in the day.

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