What is EVC – Electronic Verification Code

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EVC is the latest facility launched by income tax department for e-filing the ITR verification online. The EVC stands for electronic verification code. The system generates a one time password known as EVC which is valid for few hours only. With introduction of EVC, you can now avoid sending acknowledgement papers or ITR – V to the CPC of IT department, Bangalore. Any taxpayer with income Rs. 5 lakh or below 5 lakh can generate the EVC to validate the ITR. Income tax return is filed online and verification can be done online or offline. Until now income tax refund status was verified by sending the ITR-V to the Bangalore, CPC and checking ITR V status. TDS refund status check can also be done using the income tax e-filing website.

The EVC verifies the identity of the person who is filing for return. After the verification, the status will be generated on the e-filing website. EVC can be used only by an individual or an HUF to verify identity as a filer of income tax return.

TDS payment online

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How EVC Works

The EVC is generated for an assesse PAN. The same EVC will not be valid for any other PAN as it is the unique code issued on PAN number basis. The generated EVC is stored against the PAN number of the filer. The EVC code is valid only for 7 hours. After IT return session expired, the verifier can generate new EVC. EVC can be generated through ATM, net banking, and also using aadhar card authentication.

Online income tax payment

EVC is introduced in year 2015 and this will the first year that the assesse will be verifying their details to the IT through EVC. Users have an option to verify income tax return right at the time of the uploading IT return or even after uploading the IT return. If you have already uploaded your IT return at the e-filing website, you can now e-verify it. Login to your IT account at the efiling site. Select your e-file and choose the e-verify return option. EVC e-verifying method can be used for payment taxes under various sections. We will be soon brining more information on income tax payment, advance tax payment and TDS.



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