Check AAP strategy for Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka LS polls 2014

By on March 2, 2014

Power scarcity, woes of sugarcane farmers, dynasty politics and communalism is main agenda, says Sanjay Singh, UP convener AAP.

“If local activists replicate the AAP connection in Delhi in their respective states and districts, they are going to get traction in case they contest Lok Sabha poll on AAP ticket,” said Rajeev Bhargava, professor, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies. Given the penetration of TV and social media in the country’s urban centres, the party is hopeful of doing well in other states. Mumbai- based political analyst Jai Mrug said AAP will gain in states where there is no strong or credible leadership in other parties irrespective of whether it is a two-party or a multi-party contest. “For example, the Lok Dal, which has been inactive in Haryana, and Congress which has not shown any credible leadership in Punjab,” he said.



According to Prithvi Reddy (Karnataka convener), Land denotification, mining mafia and water contamination will be main focus in Karnataka.

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