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Top 5 Dice Games for Children

There are plenty of different games children can play to keep themselves amused. But, dice games are substantially different for a lot of factors. Dice games introduce children to strategic planning and thinking. This game is entertaining.  Here, we have provided some of the greatest dice games for children.

List of Dice Games for Children


This classic dice game is enjoyable for everybody, though it might be somewhat tricky to perform with your younger children. Before playing the game, you need to know the basic rules for farkle and how to play it.

Farkle is a scored dice game that needs you to roll a 1, 5 or a unique combination just like three of a kind, three pairs, or even some straight. This game is performed with six dice instead of 2 and takes a little math to determine the winner.

The scoring is a tiny difficult as you’ve got to pay close attention to the dice you rolled in order to find out the score.


Pig is a quick dice game of chance. All you must play is two players and one die. The objective is to get as numerous points as you can by adding up the face value of the rolls. The first participant to reach 100 points wins.


Yahtzee is another most famous dice game of all time. The rules of Yahtzee are very simple to learn. The objective of Yahtzee is to increase points by rolling dice combinations, a player with the maximum total score after thirteen rounds wins.

Yahtzee contains 13 rounds. Each participant gets a turn each round. On the turn roll the dice and then score the roll on the corresponding round. The aim of the game is to collect as numerous points as you can through dice combinations wrapped.


This game is similar to Farkle, but will several changes that make it more intriguing. This is a game to be performed in teams of four. Bunco is a dice game performed with 9 dice, and also a great deal of luck.

Players should try to roll a number that contrasts with the round being performed. The group having the most points will be announced the winner.

Dice War

This is a simple game made for younger children. You will require a huge number of dice for dice war, so if you have any extras to bring, that would be best.

In order to play dice war, you may have 2 person competing face to face. The pile of the dice sits directly between them and every individual takes one.

This game can become competitive and very enjoyable. You may play numerous rounds with many different persons and whoever wins many times is the final winner.


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