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Best Private Schools In Turkey

When it comes to quality education, parents usually go to private schools. There has to be some reason for that, right? Why private school? Why Turkey? Because private schools in Turkey provide a strong academic program and creates a perfect study environment and you can also check which is the best study environment for study. The massive and stupendous campuses offer a wide range of extracurricular activities. More to add, the overall updated literacy rate of Turkey is 96.17%. What else do you need as proof that the education of Turkey is topnotch and of high-quality?

Let’s Have A Look At Some Common Facts About The Schools In Turkey:

  • The pre-tertiary educational is managed by the Ministry of National Education.
  • It is compulsory to attend 4 years of all primary, middle and high school.
  • The center of attention is chiefly on four core subjects, i.e., Turkish, Mathematics, Hayat Bilgisi (life knowledge) and Foreign Language during the first, second and third grades.
  • Private schools lay prominence on extra-curriculums like music, art, and athletics and encourage them to integrate 21st-century skills in their syllabus.

Istanbul is one of the major cities of Turkey which is known for its quality education in private schools. Private schools in Istanbul are acknowledged for their world-class and well-respected education; also, they permit international students to study there. Moreover, the government also provides scholarships (turkeyscholarships.online) both for local and international students.

Some Of The Best Private Schools In Turkey Are:

The British International School

The British International School is located in Istanbul and has a worldwide reputation for its education. They believe in embracing philanthropic lives by inspiring students’ enthusiasm, confidence, and independence. It welcomes students from all cultures, believes, skills and values.

Robert College Of Istanbul

Robert College of Istanbul, Turkey, is known for being a well-respected person in charge of education and their students are always working according to the perfect timetable that helps them to succeed in college life. Their legacy is to train students to stand on the challenges and experiences that prepare them to propel through life.

Istanbul International School

Istanbul International School is known for its experienced education system, where they try to incorporate experience, culture, and perspectives to obtain all-round development of the students. They foster their students to understand the value of culture, love, respect, trust, responsibility, and self-esteem.

Oasis International School

Oasis International School located in Ankara, Turkey was founded in 2004. Oasis has an American-based curriculum at it comprises more than 280 students from 50 and more countries all over the world. They tutor their students to respect the value of culture, trust, self-esteem, and responsibility.

Turkey offers a well-rounded education that includes outstanding academics, character development, and extra curriculum activities.


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