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Easter Eggs that You might have Missed in Captain Marvel

Hey, did you know Captain Marvel was put from the’90s? As it is placed in the’90s. And in case you were not sure, it is absolutely filled with’90s Easter eggs and testimonials that you relive a number of that youth nostalgia.

If you are too young for that, a bunch of trendy retro stuff to laugh about the sheer weirdness factor independently. Captain Marvel closely plucks pieces of Carol’s complicated, history out of the comics. It repurposes them to get the big screen, but don’t worry, we carefully combed through every last detail that may have slipped by unnoticed. Attend comic cons wearing your favorite captain marvel outfit and flaunt in front of your friends.

Here we Go…

Captain Marvel’s performance on Box-Office has been impressive in the first week. There’s a strong opening for Marvel’s first female-led superhero film. That success perhaps does not come as a major surprise, though, with Endgame expectation climbing and Infinity War having concluded with a tease of Danvers’ arrival.

What about the hook?

Carol doesn’t enjoy the simple fact that she walks by a rentable replica of Hook, but we sure do. Frankly, it’s time for somebody from the MCU to earn a Rufio joke.

The Last Blockbuster

When Carol crash lands in the Blockbuster, the first VHS tape she picks up just so happens to be 1983 classic The Ideal Stuff, a movie chronicling the first years of America’s space program. Get it? Since Carol’s from distance? And was a test pilot for the Air Force?

Stan Lee’s cameo

Stan Lee’s typical cameo as an in-universe personality –usually a random old guy who gets a single line in each MCU film–has a nice twist in Captain Marvel, as Lee actually plays himself in this movie. You can tell because he’s reading a script for its 1995 Kevin Smith film Mallrats, in which Lee also played.

Before Google

She uses AltaVista, an era-appropriate search engine that everyone who used the net from the’90s probably recalls.

Lawson is Mar-vell

The MCU’s treasured MacGuffin plays a surprise huge part in Captain Marvel. We had no thought going into the movie, but the Tesseract–ie the Space Stone–has been the subject of Mar-Vell’s study on Earth and is now the source of Carol’s powers. No doubt this will be important in Avengers: Endgame

“Fury” has full name

The film also reveals something that likely will not turn out to be important, but we never knew before: Fury’s middle name. His entire name is Nicholas Joseph Fury. Now do not you feel like you know him a bit better? Which is nice, because he is currently dust.

These were some of the Easter eggs that you probably have missed! But, now you know everything. You can confidently go in front of your friends wearing Avengers costume and show-off how big fan of Marvel You are!


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