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4 Advantages Of Glass Water Bottles Over Plastic Bottles

Has it occurred to why wine and spirits are stored in a glass bottle? If your answer is purity, then you are correct! Whatever beverage you store in a glass water bottle, even water, the purity will live on. And when it comes to storing filtered water, glass water bottles are a no-compromise option.

Plastic, on the other hand, can impart various “flavors” into the liquids it comes into contact with. But that’s just one reason that glass is increasingly growing in popularity and a better alternative to plastic bottles. If you have been reaching for a plastic bottle every time you drink water, it is time to change. This post will look at 4 major benefits of drinking water in glass bottles.

1.Glass Does Not Leach In Water

Have you ever had a sip of water from a plastic water bottle and had a very unusual taste? You probably know that the funny taste didn’t come from the water. That happened because the plastic leaches in the water and when exposed to extreme heat, plastic water bottles may ultimately become unsafe.

This can be prevented if you choose to drink from glass water bottles since glass does not leach in water, maintaining the purity immensely.

2.Glass Water Bottles Maintains The Temperature

Pretty sure you have had times when you wanted to keep your water cold but you couldn’t. This is practically impossible when you are using a plastic bottle, in fact, if you ever want to carry some hot water or any other hot beverage with you for any reason, a glass bottle is a great choice.

Later on, you can easily wash it and use the same bottle to carry a refreshing drink.

3.They Don’t Cost A Fortune

A glass water bottle is likely to last you a lot longer than any plastic water bottles. Despite the fact that glass is prone to breakage, most manufacturers will coat them in silicone making it unlikely that they will break easily.

Indicating that if you do decide to enjoy the benefits of glass, you will most likely not have to spend too much on replacing your bottle.

4. Contribute To The Environment

When you opt for a glass water bottle over a plastic bottle, you are doing your part to save the environment. As you may know, that plastic bottles are hard to dispose of. In reality, one plastic bottle will take more water to produce than the amount of water that is poured into it.

To conclude, drinking water in glass water bottles is one of the safest ways to drink water. Moreover, one minute you can be carrying a cold drink and the next a hot cup of coffee. This means that you can get maximum utilization out of it.









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