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Cursed Images – There Is No Going Back

You might have heard people saying that a particular thing or a being is cursed. Ever wondered what cursed really means? Cursed is usually used to express something irritating or annoying and sometimes used to describe a situation when a particular being or object is under the spell of an evil spirit.

Now you know what cursed means, what you may wonder is what exactly Cursed images are? Well to minimally explicate it, cursed images are the type of images that makes you wonder who, what, when, where, and why is that picture so irritating yet gratifying. Cursed images are supposed to be real and not photoshopped which is usually taken from an old camera or a phone. These are the kind of images that makes you think about the aspects of the picture taken.

Why Are Cursed Images So Popular

Cursed images should make you wonder where and how was the picture taken. You might have read heaps of memes on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media websites regarding cursed cat images.  These are the most liked cursed images on social media; they are used in a plethora of memes and are liked by all.

This is just one example, there are plenty of other things people consider as cursed and are shared and tweeted all over the social media

Most Shared Cursed Images Of All Time

In this image, you can literally sense the pain that poor cat thinks she’s going through. Or maybe that is her bed and she is just yawning out of it. Confusing right? That’s what cursed images do to your mind.

A cursed image of a cat yawing looks more like if she’s yelling to the owner for not giving her food.

Looks like this cat enjoyed her treat well. This comes under the cute type of cursed image.

This is a picture of a cat crossing a road in her unique way, but if you look just distantly, it may appear to you that she is angry and is all ready to begin a fighting battle.

An awkwardly astonishing cursed image where this cat is trying to climb up the wall; looks like she is successful until now.

The photogenic cat who loves to take her sexy sleepy-sloppy pictures. It looks like she also loves pink color.

This is a fairly complicated image. Seems like this cat is deeply angry with you and is going to burst out any time.

These were the few most shared cursed images on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Read their explore section more to get these types of memes or just visit cursedimages.online to see new feeds.


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