Leo Burnett’s adman KV Sridhar joins Aam Aadmi Party

By on January 16, 2014
K V Sridhar is a great Legend in the Field Of Advertising & is known as the ‘ad Guru Of The Indian Ad Industry’. Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has got its first high-profile member from the advertising fraternity: KV Sridhar, chief creative officer, India subcontinent, at Leo Burnett has joined the party. “I felt I am joining a movement and not a political party,” says Sridhar, who signed up via the AAP’s online application form.
“I have been supporting the Anna movement for a long time and Arvind Kejriwal has taken that forward. It’s better to give AAP a chance to come to power, make mistakes and learn from those mistakes than to support parties which have been making mistakes for the past 60 years,” he said.

Sridhar said that if the party requested his help with advertising campaigns, he would get involved with communications strategy — but in a purely personal capacity. “I can definitely advise them on how to do it and help them execute it without using the resources of Leo Burnett,” he says.

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