Who is/was the best supreme court judge in India and why?

Who is/was the best supreme court judge in India and why?

Introduction to the Supreme Court of India

The Supreme Court of India, the highest judiciary authority, has seen numerous judges who have made significant contributions to the field of law and justice. The Supreme Court is the ultimate interpreter of the Constitution and the laws of India. The judgments passed by this court are binding on all other courts within the territory of India. These judges are the backbone of the justice system and their critical role cannot be undermined.

The Role of a Supreme Court Judge

A Supreme Court judge has a variety of roles and responsibilities. They not only interpret and apply the law but also decide disputes between parties. They ensure that the principles of justice, equity, and good conscience are upheld. It’s their duty to maintain the sanctity of the constitution, protect the rights of individuals, and ensure that the laws are not misused. Their judgments have far-reaching implications and can even lead to changes in laws and policies.

Criteria for Evaluating the Best Judge

Assessing who the best Supreme Court Judge in India was isn't a simple task. There are several factors that need to be taken into account. This includes their legal acumen, their contribution to jurisprudence, their impartiality and fairness, their integrity and courage, their empathy towards the common man, and their commitment to upholding constitutional values. The judge’s rulings and their impact on society also play a significant role in this assessment.

The Legacy of Justice Bhagwati

Justice P.N. Bhagwati is often considered one of the best Supreme Court judges India has ever had. He is credited with introducing the concept of Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in India. This allowed any individual or organization to approach the court on behalf of those whose rights were being violated, even if they were not directly affected. This innovative approach brought the courtroom closer to the common man and made justice more accessible. His landmark judgments in various fields have shaped the legal landscape of India.

The Contributions of Justice Krishna Iyer

Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer, another noteworthy Supreme Court judge, was known for his empathy towards the underprivileged and his commitment to social justice. His judgments were always infused with a deep concern for human rights and social equality. He was instrumental in reforming the bail system in India, arguing that bail should be the rule rather than the exception. His judgments have had a profound impact on the Indian judiciary and have helped shape it into a more people-centric institution.

The Impact of Justice J.S. Verma

Justice J.S. Verma is celebrated for his emphasis on gender justice and his role in expanding the definition of sexual harassment in the workplace. His landmark judgment in the Vishaka case led to the formulation of the Vishaka Guidelines, which became the basis for laws against sexual harassment in India. His contributions towards women's rights and gender equality have had a lasting impact on the Indian legal system.

The Influence of Justice H.R. Khanna

Justice H.R. Khanna is remembered for his courage and integrity. During the Emergency period in India, when the government had suspended civil liberties, he was the only judge who dissented against the majority judgment that upheld the suspension of fundamental rights. His dissenting opinion in the ADM Jabalpur case is considered a shining example of judicial independence and courage. His stand cost him the Chief Justice position, but he chose to stand by his principles.

The Work of Recent Supreme Court Judges

In recent years, judges like Justice D.Y. Chandrachud and Justice R.F. Nariman have also made significant contributions to the field of law. Their judgments have addressed contemporary issues like privacy, freedom of speech, and the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals. They have shown great commitment to upholding constitutional values and protecting individual rights.

Conclusion: The Best Supreme Court Judge

It's challenging to single out one judge as the best. Each judge brings their unique perspective and contributes to the evolution of the legal system. However, if we were to pick one, Justice P.N. Bhagwati would arguably stand out for his transformative role in making justice accessible to the common man. His introduction of Public Interest Litigation has had a profound impact on the Indian judiciary, making it more inclusive and responsive to societal needs.

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