How to reset password netgear router

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Here is the process to change or reset your Netgear router password.  This helps you in the case of you forgot or want to reset the router password.  It must be a chance of hacking security password. The username remains same but you need to change the default setting or default password. This should be done for the security purpose. This way you can avoid hacking your network into other devices. Here we have mentioned the full working method to change your default settings. This will give you the chance of changing Netgear password to improve the security of your router.

What is Netgear?

Netgear extender is a powerful device that helps you in boosting your network speed. Sometimes you find that network is not reachable in hidden spaces or basement areas. Mywifi ext extends the signals of internet. This is a powerful connector that builds a strong communication between internet and device.

How Do I Change the Netgear Password

  • For this you need a good internet speed. Use Chrome, Internet explorer or fire fox browser for this process.
  • Launch any of the above web browser and type in your search bar.
  • Here one page will pop up. You need to write your username and log in id here.
  • Here your username is admin and default password is password of the network.
  • The home page will open.
  • Choose Advanced > Administration > Set Password option.
  • Here screen will display set password screen.
  • Here you need to select the Enable Password Recovery check box.
  • Select any of the two questions reflects on screen and give answers to them.
  • Apply button will appear on screen, click on

Hey simple you are done with it. Your settings are saved. All the following procedures are simple and hassle free. Just you need to follow the one by step carefully. Please note it down that this password is not the password you use for Wi-Fi network.  It is only the Netgear router password that is maintained for the security purpose. Netgear router is used to improve the signal strength of internet.



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