Blocking SBI credit card Online

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How to Block SBI Credit Card

Wondering how to block your SBI credit card? This is the guest post by Here you can know detailed information about blocking SBI Credit Card.

Use of credit card is very common. We do use credit card in almost every kind of transaction, be it in food market, in stationery shops, petrol pumps, online purchase etc. Naturally credit card has become a possession nowadays. Consequently there comes a possibility of misplacing the same.

In addition to the physical misplacement, there are other ways of misuse of the credit card. By hacking the data of the credit cards, these cards may be used for online transaction.

There has been a lot of case where there has been a mishandling of existing active credit card has been mishandled or misused after the card has been stolen.

SBI Credit Card Online

SBI Credit card users are no exception to this fact. Hence, the SBI Credit Card holder should be aware and always alert about the whereabouts of their credit card. On the credit card Contact no. of SBI Card Customer Helpline – 39020202 (Prefix with local STD Code) or 1860 – 180 – 1290 are mentioned which customer shall note down so that he or she can contact in case the card is stolen.

In the event of loss of credit card or detection of some misuse of the card made online we should immediately block the credit card so that no further misuse can be done. First we have to contact the helpline no. We have to go through the automated voice response and opt for the desired service.

We have to select desired language, enter credit card no., give necessary data for identification purpose and then there will be an option where we will be given to choose blocking of credit card. Then the call will be diverted to a customer care executive who will assist you with the blocking of credit card. The person will ask again for some necessary data for assurance of the caller is actually the card holder.

“Hint: In order to make online payment ifsc code is necessary, if you want to transfer money from NEFT, RTGS and IMPS services you should know ifsc code for all indian bank branches.

Online SBI Credit Card Information

This may be registered date of birth, registered phone no. and email id, registered mailing address. After getting necessary confirmation, the customer care representative will go ahead with the blocking of the card. After the blocking of the card no one can further use of SBI credit card either physically or online. The card will have to be reissued from the bank for any further use.

Credit cards must be maintained very carefully by the respective holders because if misplaced or hacked then it can cause huge loss. If anyone notices any untraceable transaction the cards must be blocked without any further delay.



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