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Expert Take On HR Tech And Revolution In Management

Recruitment and HR processes management are the key roles of an HR executive. Since the inception of these job roles, there have been many changes, but not as big as the one that technology brought with it. Online assessment platforms and the tools for different tests online have proven to be the most useful in managing the hiring processes. Recruitment marketing has made sourcing easy. And to top it all AI has taken over all the manual work of HR management.

While we are experiencing this take-over of the HR industry by the tools, experts have a largely positive outlook about the future. Let’s have a look at what they have to say.

Expert Take On HR Tech And Revolution In Management

Technology Adaptation Challenges

HR has trouble with shifting focus from efficiency to strategic goals and using tech to achieve those goals. Nowadays, if you look at the tech tools adopted by HR, most of them serve to boost efficiency—it’s so rooted in our perspective.” – Philippa Penfold (Founder, People Collider)

The Candidate Outlook

There’s a new understanding of how people communicate and look for jobs. We need to stop thinking about how to squeeze people into an assessment funnel and try to cultivate long-term relationships with people that we care about instead. And then understand where the right moment can be that we can work together. This is really a huge change in terms of how you approach recruitment.” – Hung Lee (CEO, Workshape.io)

The Global Outlook

It’s booming! Whenever I see visualizations of the HR tech market, it’s gigantic. It’s fantastic to observe these companies doing all that work to help HR. Very often, HR doesn’t have the necessary capabilities to lead their own digital transformation, let alone the one in their companies and to overhaul the functions of their departments. And that’s where the level of digitization usually drops off, and considerably so. Lots of companies don’t understand how technology can help them. HR departments and managers should prepare for the outreach coming from tech folks and seek out opportunities for smooth digitization around them.” – Enrique Rubio (Founder, Hacking HR)

On How To Adapt The Change

“All in all, it’s not just about adopting new things, but also adapting to new conditions. If you have those two things while everything is volatile, you’ll have no trouble finding and staying in a job, as well as shaping a personalized career.” – Anna Ott (HR Tech Expert and Consultant)

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