Steps to Website Development Life Cycle

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In website development life cycle there are certain tasks that must be followed to achieve the maximum quality. There are fixed stages that to complete the project and it is compulsory to get to the finish line. If you are going to start a new e-business then this is a useful article for you. You might take some important tips from here to understand the whole process of website development life cycle. There are 8 steps for website development life cycle, here are they.


This is the first phase you can start with. First you need to interact with the people using it. Use the target audience for the proper analysis. You can gather information from targeted audiences from online chats, or interviewing with users or by recorded conversations. Also you can prepare some discussion notes and get the right information from the emails of clients.

The Structure of the Information

You must pay attention to the structure of the sections, user interaction elements, navigation flow, use interaction elements. This is an important matter to ensure that concern is given to all the key pages in the site.

Design and Development

The most important task begins here. To this point graphics and contents must be submitted. First gather the useful information from the clients and resources of the project. The design and development team’ responsibility is to make a meaningful design of company’s brand. Find Web Design Company in Vadodara for your website.

A  Proper Input of Content

The content developer must write the relevant information after designing the industry’s logo. Content writer must gather the collective information from the industry to make the good contents. The specific industry content is essential for the optimizing search engine.


Coding is the next step after adding the content. Coding team will add the necessary features and functionality here for the overall look.


Testing is an important part to ensure that there are no issues left behind. Get the live tasting to review for the spelling and grammar check also check graphics to see that they are correctly links and displays correctly. Testing is necessary to catch the errors and reinforces the ability.

Use Social Media Optimization

Once you submitted URL finally use social media platform to rank your site. You can use facebook, twitter to update information with the site content.

Update it on Regular Basis

It must be updated very often to keep an eye on competitors. Update your content on regular basis to improve your site ranking and to monitor the area where you need to improve.

Here are the simple steps website development life cycles. Understand and use it to set your expectations for the future projects.


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